#iHeartRobotMusic by Steve Allen Bjornson

G++ is excited to present #iHeartRobotMusic - an interactive robot instrument that performs musical scores on common household objects produced by the sonification of Instagram data.

This installation consists of three elements working together to create music:

The Score
The score is automatically created through interaction with the audience. Those who have a Instagram account are able to place a hashtag (#iHeartRobotMusic) in the comment of a public photo. The software will automatically download the newest photo, convert the image into a graphical score (shown to the audience), and then output the score to the ‘SolMaker MKII’ solenoid robot. For those without an Instagram account, the installation will constantly cycle through older photos when a new photo has not yet been submitted.

The Robot
The physical actuation to create sound is produced by an open source device called the ‘SolMaker MKII‘. This device, designed by the artist, with assistance from MISTIC, is a current controller which allows a user to very precisely control mechanical actuators (solenoids) using a computer.

The Sounds
Many common household objects, when struck, produce very beautiful and subtle sounds. This installation utilizes the precision of robotic control to lightly play these everyday objects and, with the help of contact microphones, project this music, often overlooked (or underheard), to the outside world.

Steve Allen Bjornson is an Alberta born musician, designer, and developer currently based in Victoria, BC. His current work includes an open source robotics project called the ‘SolMaker MKII’. The development of this project was inspired by his assistance with the installation ‘CanonX+4:33=100′ created by Seattle based artist Trimpin and installed at Open Space during March – April, 2012 . The majority of his creations are based on the interface of computing and the physical world in order to produce new and interesting experience as well as new modes of communication.

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